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The Facts

Our Community—and many other Park users outside of Castro Valley—has largely been kept in the dark about many aspects of this development and its evolution; and what its undesirable resultant expanse will mean in reality.

• These proposed buildings are in direct violation of the Park Districts very own codes and principles for preserving natural spaces:

Master Plan KEP4 states: “The District will participate in efforts to protect scenic and cultural resources.”


  •  Master Plan PRPT24 states: “The District will seek to locate facilities in a manner that preserves open space.”


• Facility Development Plan PRPT29 states: “The District will work to reduce the detrimental visual impact of buildings, towers and access roads at existing sites and will work with other agencies and neighbors to reduce this impact on adjacent lands.”


  • Building #1: 30,800 square foot, 44-foot tall, three-story, 200 foot long, public safety building on the side of a 500-foot tall hill.

  • Building #2: 7,700 square foot 28-foot tall corporate yard building on top of a 540-foot hill looking down over Castro Valley and Lake Chabot.

  • Building #3: 3,090 square foot service yard to be comprised of three smaller buildings.

IMPORTANT:  For our campaign to be effective, please EMAIL the following individuals and the EBRPD Board members ASAP.

It is imperative that we be heard NOW!


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Who to contact:


Supervisor Nate Miley, Alameda County Board of Supervisors:


Damien Curry, Alameda County City Planning, Planner:


Robert Doyle, Gen.Manager EBRPD


Whitney Dotson:


John Sutter:


Dennis Waespi:


Doug Siden:


Ayn Wieskamp:


Beverly Lane:


Diane Burgis: